September 24, 2017

To Whom It May Concern,  

As a top producing Realtor and an Associate Broker of KW-Solutions, Keller Williams Realty with a “Mega Agent Office” in downtown Front Royal, VA, I am thrilled to endorse MasterLync and Tim Ketron’s passion to educate real estate consumers about their seldom embraced freedom of choice in all aspects of their transactions. His commitment to leveling the playing field in all facets of the industry is inspiring, and he has developed a systematic approach to bring transparency across the board for real estate professionals.  Best yet, his strategy involves no cost to Realtors or consumers, making the system an affordable means to provide information that buyers and sellers have not had readily available.  

The positive ramifications for a program like MasterLync are beyond measure.  Putting the power of choice back in the hands of the consumer, providing a venue for Realtors to promote their qualifications at no cost, and reducing liability of Realtors by having a resource to direct consumers to research providers are among the many benefits of Tim and his team’s systematic and realistic approach.  His website provides an easy way for busy Realtors, buyers and sellers to obtain accurate, unbiased information to make informed decisions.  Perhaps my favorite of the many attributes of MasterLync is that it is a solution to the unintentional “steering” that happens daily when Realtors refer their favorite providers to their clients without informing clients that they should use their own due diligence to ensure they are getting the best service at the best value.  I consider myself a most ethical practitioner but have too often found myself endorsing my favorite lender or closing company without fully explaining to the consumer the importance of comparing fees and terms.  That unintended negligence could cost clients countless dollars and open my company up to great liability. With MasterLync, I can encourage my long-trusted providers to enter their data on the MasterLync platform and refer clients to MasterLync rather than directly to the service provider. In such a liability-laden industry, it will be refreshing to have an unfettered source of information.   

Long have Realtors dreamed of a platform where they can promote their qualifications and backgrounds on a level playing field without having to pay a hefty price to have a “voice” among the crowd.  MasterLync gives every Realtor and real estate industry professional a voice, and consumers a welcomed chance to hear them loud and clear, not muffled by the noise that typically shrouds transactions. Feel free to contact me to discuss my wholehearted belief that MasterLync has the power to heal an industry that is long overdue for a checkup.  


Beth Medved Waller
Associate Broker
KW-Solutions,Keller Williams Realty